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From selecting the finest genuine leather to infusing it with high grade PU soles to inserting metal alloy toe caps - the entire process that goes into making each pair of Warrior Professional Gear is done under strict supervision and in adherence to quality guidelines. This is why our shoes are the first choice of professionals worldwide. Liberty has been consistently pushing boundaries of perfection in footwear design to find new ways of making better safety shoes for the German workforce.

Liberty has 9 brands and makes more than 75000 pairs in a single day. Each pair of shoes is the result of dedication and hard work of teams of designers and footwear safety experts. We are among the largest safety shoes manufacturers in India and we export to over 25 nations including Germany.

Warrior Professional Gear comes in two options: Low Neck and High Neck. The low neck version is perfect for wearers looking for agility and greater flexibility in movement, while the high neck options cradles the ankle in a protective cocoon for enhanced protection against sprains. Heavy drops of up to 200 Joules will not cause feet injury, also the soles do not skid on grit, water or oil. The uppers used in the shoes make it usable in all weathers and give the shoes a high anti-static tolerance value of between 100 Kilo Ohms and 1000 Mega Ohms.

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Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India, Cheapest Safety Shoe Germany
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Warrior Liberty Group is the seasoned safety shoes manufacturer in India providing wide range of reliable quality of cheapest safety shoe in Germany.
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